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In the building industry we use many different words to refer to the building process.   Today we are talking about footers.   So what is a footer?   As the word would imply it is what the house will be standing on.   Many people believe that the house stands on the foundation, and although the footer is “part” of the foundation, it really is the most crucial part.   Our structural engineers, Mibar Engineering, design the footer to “spread” the load of the walls, floor, walls above and roof.   They look at all the different load points from the roof on down and design the footer to carry this load and spread it across the ground below.   The footer is never seen by a new homeowner, unless they are part of the process from the beginning.   It is buried and then the lower level slab is poured on top of it, but to us as builders, it is the most important part of the building process.

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