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Colorado Springs is one of the fastest-growing large cities in the United States. High quality of life paired, year-round outdoor activities, and breathtaking views continue to draw both professionals and families to this vibrant city.

With more and more homes being built in the area, it’s important to focus on building sustainably. Colorado residents know this, and that’s a reason why the state is one of the leaders in green building. Many of the public buildings in Colorado Springs have been built with sustainability in mind, and new homes in the area are following suit. There are choices you can make starting in the planning phase that will help to make your custom home more sustainable without sacrificing quality. The cost of green building has also been reduced significantly in recent years, just as there has been a global shift in environmental awareness.

At JS Homes, we are focused on building sustainable homes in the Colorado Springs area. These are four of the many green building techniques that we use to make sure the homes we build are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Solar energy.
There is no denying that Colorado Springs is beautiful, but the weather can be extreme, requiring large amounts of energy to keep a balanced temperature inside of the home. Using solar walls to extract heat from the sun is a sustainable and cost-effective way to heat the home.

Sustainable materials.
Concrete releases a staggering amount of carbon dioxide into the air, and the cement industry is responsible for 8% of man-made emissions every year. We try to use materials that have a low carbon footprint as much as possible on our projects. These materials also provide additional renewable energy and can be recycled after their use.

High-efficiency appliances.
Technology has created a wide range of ways in which you can control energy usage inside of your house. We always work with our clients to choose appliances with high-efficiency ratings. This can be everything from installing lights to smart thermostats and energy-efficient refrigerators.

Geothermal energy.
Geothermal energy is renewable and can help to combat freezing winter temperatures. It can also be used in different ways in the winter and summer to control the temperature. A geothermal ground pump can use the earth to help heat your home in the winter. In the summer, it can help to cool your home by draining heat. Another way to make your home environmentally friendly year-round.