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In the ever-evolving world of technology, digital home assistants can be seen in more
homes than imagined. The ease and comfort these smart home assistants provide for their
customers make a significant impact in their lives, often leaving the question of what would we
do without them?

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home devices are known for the ability to listen and talk
back to their owners. The ability to do so makes it easier for smart home assistant owners to
make lists, order groceries, and use devices around their home without having to lift a finger.
The ease from smart home assistants like Alexa and Google Home devices are known to make it
easier for owners to multitask and get things done faster overall.

Among smart home assistants, many smart home devices are trying to provide the same
ease and comfort in their use. For instance, here at JS Homes, Inc., we install U by Moen in our
master showers. U by Moen is a smart shower device that allows advanced controls of
temperature, timing, and more with your voice, touch controls, and even a mobile app.

Like other smart home devices and assistants, U by Moen allows its user to feel more in
control and enables time-saving opportunities with its smooth functioning. Whether you need
your shower ready ahead of time or a specific temperature set, you can connect your smart home
assistants to U by Moen and tell Alexa, Siri, or Google to adjust your shower as you see fit.

Smart home assistants and devices are providing ease like no other. At JS Homes, Inc.,
we understand how important they can be, and that’s why we make sure our master showers can
accommodate your needs. If you want a more efficient and comfortable home in the Colorado
Springs area, then we’ve got you covered.