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With the increased demand in the housing market, the earlier you can consider new home construction, the better! Without knowing when this raise in prices will stop, you won’t be able to capitalize on a great offer or house, so take some time to take a look at your options. If you are looking to move houses and you currently own property, selling to rebuy (whether that be an upgrade or downgrade the size of your home) could be a good idea as well. Being informed about the current offers for existing or newly built homes is just the start as well. Talking with realtors and getting an understanding about when or where to buy is a great first step.

There are lots of factors to look for that will help you evaluate whether a property is a good deal or not. First of all, look at recently sold comparable properties. Comparable properties are similar in size, condition, neighborhood, and amenities. Your real estate agent is your best resource for accurate, up-to-date information on comparable properties. You should also look at comparable properties that are currently on the market, under contract, or not selling at all. If a comparable property failed to sell because it was overpriced, the property you are interested in is probably overpriced too. Another factor that is always nice to keep in mind when considering the new home construction is the future prospect of such a property. If you move into an area with a lot of construction and expansion going on, you can feel better about selling at a better price than what you bought it for. With these things in mind, take some time to explore new home construction in Colorado Springs, and find out if there are some offers for your dream home for a good price!