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Keeping up with upcoming home trends in 2022 is a fun way to get inspiration for any renovations for your home as well as avoid design decisions that are on their way out. It is useful to have some of these trends in the back of your mind whether you are on the buyer or seller side for a renovation or property. It should go without saying, there is no one size fits all trend and when it comes to your own personal style; there are no wrong answers!

So without further adieu, let’s dive into some of the most popular home trends you can expect to see in the future! At the moment, we are seeing a shift towards natural elements throughout the home. These materials have a timeless look and are made to last. You can also add your own personality or creative twists when adding these materials into your own projects! To parallel this home trends in 2022, you can also expect to see a lot of earthy colors with warm whites or dark charcoal accent colors. Another great home trend to incorporate into your space is lots of windows and natural lighting. If your space doesn’t allow for this type of change; you can also supplement this look with recessed lighting and lots of warm colored light bulbs (or smart light bulbs if you have the extra money to spend!) For a short (incomprehensive) list of some of the specific accessories that are popular in lots of the ‘modern farmhouse’ homes right now, you can look for lantern style pendant lighting, free standing tubs, less carpet, lots of plants, and board and batten siding walls (for both interior and/or exterior)!

So as you explore more home trends in 2022, see what ideas fit with your style and interests and you are sure to find a look that you love!