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“As the insulation contractor for JS Homes, I’m impressed with and very appreciative of the care Jeff puts into the homes he builds. It’s clear that he sets a high standard and holds his trade partners to the same. With insulation there are certain things that have to be done before that are very important to the integrity and function of the insulation. Things you would never see after the house was completed. Jeff not only ensures that these things are complete before we begin, but that they are done to a level fitting of the end product. Jeff and I walk every job together before the install to make sure everything will go smoothly and that we are 100% on the same page. When we do show up for the install we know the jobsite is going to be clean and free of any debris that may interfere with the insulation process. JS Homes affords us the opportunity to do our jobs in the best possible conditions. They do this for every trade that comes in, ensuring a final product of the highest quality.”

Kenny Knapp

Alpine Construction Services

“We hired JSHomes to redo our 20 year old decks in an HOA community. They did a great job with the decks. We had issues with not enough support pillars, no plans for stairs and other issues. The project was completed to our satisfaction, with some extra work being done to finish up. We would hire them again! They will do the rest of our decks next year.Thank you Jeff for a great job!”
Cheryl Prince

“Very nice floor plans. Beautiful countertops and color schemes in kitchens. Phenominal craftsmanship and design.”
Heath Adler

Reference for JS Homes, Inc.

In early 2018, The Architectural Control Committee, ACC, at the direction of the Board of Directors for the Carriages at Charleston Place, Colorado Springs, CO., began an intensive review of the condition of the wood decks in our complex, to determine if the decks should be repaired, or replaced. The decision was to replace them. The ACC conducted interviews with several contractors, over several months, in an effort to come up with the best product at the best price. Jeff Cole, JS Homes, Inc., provided the information the ACC needed to make a recommendation to the Board of Directors, for JS Homes, Inc. to replace the decks. The Board contracted for JS Homes Inc., to replace decks on half of the units in 2019 and half in 2020. Jeff Cole worked closely with the Board of Directors, and the ACC, in scheduling the work. Jeff was always available to answer questions as the work progressed. He visited the work site on a daily basis to ensure the demolition and construction was being done in compliance with his contract and city code.
JS Homes work force was always courteous and professional in dealing with the Board, the ACC, as well as residents of the complex. The work was competed in a timely manner and the results were excellent. We look forward to working with Jeff Cole, JS Homes, Inc., in 2020, for the final phase of replacing the wood decks.

Paul Stickles, ACC Chairperson
Willie Alexander, ACC Member
The Carriages at Charleston Place

The Architectural Control Committee

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